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[West University of Timisoara]

Mădălina ERAŞCU
Faculty of Mathematics & Informatics,
Computer Science Department,

Institute e-Austria Timisoara

Email: madalina dot erascu at e-uvt dot ro
Phone: +40-256-224834
Fax: +40-256-224834
Office: F109
Postal address: Institute e-Austria Timisoara, room 045B
Blvd. V. Parvan 4, 300223 Timisoara, Romania

Short bio



I am Lecturer at West University of Timisoara, Faculty of Mathematics & Informatics, Computer Science Department.

I am also Researcher at Institute e-Austria Timisoara.

Research interests:

  • Distributed Computing, in particular Cloud and Big Data Computing;
  • Formal Methods, in particular Static Software Verification;
  • Automated Theorem Proving, in particular First-Order Theorem Proving;
  • Symbolic Computation, in particular Polynomial Algebra.

I am always looking for highly motivated students, and not only, to work with me in projects which involve my reseach interests.

This list of bachelor and master theses can be consulted here.